Ford Work Truck Specials

We Have Your Back

We're here to help you get the truck you need with the payment you can afford! Feel free to call us at (410) 682-3156 for details.

Ford Makes 3 Payments & You Defer 3 Payments!

Ford will make up to 3 payments on your behalf, and Ford Credit will allow you to defer up to 3 payments! These two offers can be combined for certain models, but are also available separately.*

Defer 3 Payments & Get 0% APR for 72 Months!

Get 0% APR on new Ford Transits and F-150's for up to 72 months. When combined with Ford's Defer 3 Payments Program, the maximum term is 75 months with 72 equal payments!*

In addition to Ford Credit's regular customer service number, there is a special hotline to assist customers that have been impacted by the COVID-19 virus. You can contact that hotline at 1-800-723-4016. If you need to request a payment extension, you can visit the Ford Credit Account Manager.

*Ford Makes Payments Offer is eligible on Ford Credit Retail and Lease payments for all 2019 and 2020 vehicles, excluding 2020 Super Duty, with caps ranging from $900 to $2,500, depending on vehicle line. 3 Month Deferred Payment Program Expires April 30, 2020 and is valid on 2019 and 2020 Ford vehicles up to F-550. 0% APR for 72 Months is available for new Transits and F-150's only. Offers available for qualified buyers. Exclusions Apply. See Dealer for Full Details.
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